Manage all users across the various products in your network.

User List

The user list displays all members in the network, sorted by user ID.

  • The Username column shows the name and email address.

  • Join date shows when the user account was created.

  • Products shows which products the user has access to - Chatbot, Campaign, Livechat.

To edit a user, click the 3-dot icon on the right side of their row. Here you can:

  • Preview user details and roles.

  • Edit roles and access for each product.

  • Remove the user from the network.

  • CIM admins cannot edit other CIM admins.

  • CIM admins can edit roles for other users.

  • CIM admins cannot change another CIM admin to a CIM user.

Searching and Filtering

To search for a user, enter text in the search field. This will match on display name and email. Hit search to see results. Delete text to exit search and show all users again.

Filter by user role under the Products columns. You can select multiple roles. Hit search to apply filters.


  • Chatbot - Chatbot product access and roles.

  • Campaign - Campaign product access and roles.

  • Livechat - Livechat product access and roles.

User Roles and Permissions

The Amity Bots Platform uses specific roles to manage access to features across modules. Users can be assigned roles within each module to grant them capabilities based on their responsibilities.

Permissions for roles within different modules are as followed:

Chatbot Module

PermissionChatbot AdminChatbot DeveloperChatbot EditorChatbot Moderator

Entity page

Intent page

Template page

Mapper page

Chatflow page

AI trainer

AI performance

Message template

Segmentation + audience

Rich menu

Deploy chatflow

Campaign Module

PermissionCampaign AdminCampaign EditorCampaign Moderator


Segmentation + audience

Message template

Rich menu

Chat ads

Live Chat Module

PermissionLivechat AdminLivechat SupervisorLivechat Agent

Auto assign setup

Team management


Add/Remove user to team

Manually assign opened ticket

Transfer ticket

Export ticket reports

View ticket history

View all network tickets

View team tickets

Chat with users

Add wrap up notes

Close/resolve tickets


  • CIM Admin: Full access to all platform capabilities.

CIM Admin cannot be added from the UI. To add new CIM Admin please refer to API Reference or Contact Amity Solutions Support Team

Adding Users

New users can be added through API or by contacting Amity Solutions Support team.

Editing Users

To make edits, click the 3-dot icon on a user and select Edit. Here you can:

  • Change the role for each product they have access to.

  • Revoke access to specific products.

  • Remove the user completely.

CIM admins can edit roles but not other CIM admins. This allows managing permissions while restricting the highest access level.

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