The Chatlogic feature is part of the Amity Bots Advance Package. With Chatlogic, users can utilize a flow-based engine to define specific chat flows, making it simpler to manage and direct conversations. This tool facilitates a more structured and efficient way to handle chatbot responses and integrations.


The schedule function allows its connected flow to be triggered on a required schedule.

Schedule: can be used in 4 modes

  • None - Flow will only be triggered when button on the left side of the node is pressed

  • Interval - Flow will be repeatedly triggered according to amount of interval time set

  • Interval between times - Flow will be repeatedly triggered according to amount of interval time set within the defined time of day and day of week

  • At a specific time - Flow will be triggered at the specific time of day and day of week

Clear Context

Use this node when user context needs to be updated. Clearing context will help making sure none of old context will be used afterwards.


User this node to ask for Entity from end user. User can select an entity which are created in the system. User can also set Timeout to avoid chatbot conversation stuck and end user cannot leave the flow.


Interpret user message according to the list of rules. Rules will be checked sequentially and rule that matches the message will trigger the output of its order.

E.g. A message that matches second rule will trigger flow(s) connected to the second output from the top. Only the first rule (in order) that matches the message will be triggered.

Rule can be set with 5 matching criteria

has every word - The message must contains every of the following words sepeated by ,. Uses / to denote more than 1 matching possibilities of that word.

is exactly - The message must be exactly as followed.

match RegExp - The message matches the following Regular Expression notation.

is question about - The message is a question about the following topic.

otherwise - This rule and output of its order will be triggered if no other rules have been matched.

External call

Send request to external system along with active data in the current conversation. This node can be used to send conversation and user data to external system in real-time or retrieve data from external system into the current conversation.

Call: External system to send the request to. See below for system attributes.

Put result in: Reference name to store data returned from the call in for later retrieval


URL: External URL to send the request to. The request will be sent along with all active data in the flow

Retry count: Number of times to retry sending the request if HTTP failure (4xx or 5xx) is received


Set number node can be used to set info of Number type to a certain amount.

Set: info to be set

To: The amount to set info to

Send MSG

Send a message to the user with template

This node will call to action api with template name. A metadata within msg._unify_bot.metadata will be attach into action.metadata

Message: Name of template to be sent to the user.


Delay or Local Delay is used when next node will not be triggered right away but in x second. the Local Delay can be set up between 15 to 900 seconds. If the Local Delay must be greater than 900, we recommend to call external service and set up from there to prevent heavy performance on the system.

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