Connect to Facebook Page

Follow these steps to create a Facebook Channel for your bot on the Amity Bots platform:

  1. Start Creating a New Channel:

    • Navigate to the Channel page.

    • Click on the "Add New Channel" button.

  2. Select Facebook

  3. A popup will appear, prompting you to log in with your Facebook credentials. Ensure you log in with an account that has admin privileges for the Facebook page you wish to connect with Amity Bots. This is crucial for proper integration.

  4. A list of Facebook pages associated with your account will be displayed, select the pages you want Amity Bots to have access to.

  5. After selecting the desired pages, proceed to authorization steps until you're redirected back to the Amity Bots Platform.

  6. Upon redirection, you'll see a list of the pages for which you've granted Amity Bots access. Choose the specific page you want to connect your bot to.

A new channel will be created, linking your Amity Bot to the chosen Facebook page. When users interact with your Facebook page, they'll be communicating with your Amity Bot.

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