Linking Rich Menu to Channel

Once Rich Menu is created, it needs to be linked to a channel. By effectively linking a Rich Menu, you ensure that users engaging with specific channels receive the intended interactive Rich Menu. This seamless integration facilitates better user navigation, enhances interactivity, and personalizes the user experience based on the channel of their choice.

View Existing Linkages

By going to Rich Menu > Channels, you will see a list of all your channels.

Each channel is either paired with its linked Rich Menu or depicted with a grey placeholder, signifying the absence of an active linkage.

Channels without a linked Rich Menu will display Active - with a grey placeholder offering a visual cue to its unlinked status. To check for Rich Menu Linkages on a particular channel, follow the following steps:

  1. Select the Channel: To associate a channel with a Rich Menu, simply click on the channel of your choice.

  2. View Linked Rich Menus: Once clicked, the screen will present all Rich Menus that are currently connected with that particular channel. Each Rich Menu will fall into one of two categories:

    • Active: Indicates that this Rich Menu is currently in use and can be seen by users interacting on the associated channel.

    • Upcoming: Represents Rich Menus that have been scheduled. These are set to become active on a specific future date and time, allowing for planned content rollout.

Linking a New Rich Menu:

To link a new Rich Menu to a channel, click on the channel on Rich Menu > Channels page and follow the following steps:

  1. Choose the channel for your Rich Menu.

  2. Click Link Rich Menu.

  3. Name your menu bar label (supports alphabets, numerals, and spacebar, up to 14 characters). This text will be displayed at the bottom border of the rich menu

  4. Select Menu Behavior

    • Auto-Display: As soon as users open the chat, the Rich Menu will automatically slide up, offering immediate interaction opportunities.

    • Collapsed: The Rich Menu remains discreetly hidden at the chat's bottom. It becomes accessible and slides up only when users tap on the designated label.

  5. Define Target Audience

    • All Users (Default Rich Menu): By choosing this, the Rich Menu will become the default interface for everyone in the channel. It will be shown to any user without a personalized Rich Menu assigned.

    • Segment: Opt to link the Rich Menu exclusively to users within a chosen Segment. This personalized Rich Menu will always be prioritized over the default one, ensuring a customized experience for segmented users.

  6. Define Rich Menu Priority: Assign a priority level to your Rich Menu using a numerical scale from 0 to 100. The significance of this setting is that Rich Menus with a lower priority number will be displayed first, effectively overruling those with higher values.

  7. Date to link Rich Menu:

    • Now: Link the rich menu now. End users will see the rich menu within a few minutes.

    • Setup date and time: Link the rich menu at the selected date and time.

  8. Once linked, Rich Menu of users within the chosen Target Audience will be changed within a few minutes.

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