User Journey

User Journey

An analytics tool that offers users the ability to view their user journey data while chatting with the chatbot. With this feature, users can easily select the current stage they are in, which can be a message template or a rich menu.

Current Stage pie chart

Users can easily view a pie chart that represents the proportion of each action performed by the end user in the current stage. This helps users understand the popularity of different actions within a specific stage.

User Journey flow

Current stage

The Current Stage is a Stage that is being reviewed right now, and it is the focus of the User Journey view.

The Current Stage is a starting point of the User Journey query. The system finds all Events for the Current Stage and only after that - the Previous and Next Events.

Previous stage

The previous stage provides information about the previous action the end user performed before reaching the current stage. This helps users gain a better understanding of their chatbot interactions and how they got to the current stage.

Next stage

Similarly, the next stage shows the next action that the end user is likely to perform after clicking on the current stage. This helps users anticipate the user's actions and provide a more personalized and efficient chatbot experience.

Additionally, users can filter the data by channel and user segment to gain a deeper understanding of specific groups of end users and their interactions with the chatbot

It is worth noting that the User Journey feature retrieves data from the last 6 months only. Data older than this timeframe will not be available for tracking.


Action supported

With current version of user journey, it will support only 2 types of action

  • Send template

  • Go to flow action

Message Type supported

With current version of user journey, it will support only 3 types of message template and rich menu

  • Carousel

  • Image Carousel

  • Options

  • Rich menu

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