Rich Menu

Rich Menu is a persistent visual interface situated at the bottom of the chat screen, enhancing the user's engagement when conversing with Amity Bots. This interactive feature blends eye-catching graphics with clickable buttons, offering a streamlined approach for users to interact. With the added benefit of tapping into the Rich Menu's intuitive options, users can effortlessly navigate through the chatbot's various functionalities.

A Rich Menu is made up of a rich menu image, tappable areas, and a chat room menu.

  1. Rich Menu image: JPEG or PNG image file

  2. Tappable areas: You can customize the menu items to correspond with various actions

  3. Menu bar: The user opens and closes the rich menu from here. You can customize the label of this bar when linking the rich menu to a channel.

Rich Menu Management

Through Amity Bots Platform, setting up Rich Menu for both LINE and Webchat SDK becomes a seamless experience via a unified backend console.

Rich Menu page is your centralized hub for managing all your Rich Menus within the platform. Every Rich Menu created is conveniently listed here, showcasing its unique name, designated type (whether it's 'compact' or 'original'), and an indicator to reveal if any channel currently utilizes the specific Rich Menu. Simply click on 3-dots icon followed by 'Preview & Edit' allows you to delve deeper, visualizing how it appears and making any necessary tweaks. You can also utilize the search function by entering its name to locate it.

To maintain consistency and prevent potential disruptions, any Rich Menu that's actively being used by a channel is safeguarded — locking it from further modifications or deletions.

Creating a New Rich Menu

  1. Initialization: Click the + New Rich Menu button located on the top-right corner of the screen.

  2. Naming: Input a title at the top input.

  3. Size Selection: Choose between two sizes:

    • Original: Ideal for showcasing extensive information within a single Rich Menu.

    • Compact: Suited for a limited amount of information, half the height of Original size

  4. Image Upload: Add a background by adhering to these specifications:

    • Original Size Guide: 2500x1686 px

    • Compact Size Guide: 2500x843 px

    • File Format: JPEG or PNG

    • Max File Size: 1 MB

  5. Defining Areas and Actions: Select pre-defined set of Areas in Rich Menu Patterns section to quickly add set of areas into your rich menu, or create and customize your own area by drag-and-drop on Mapper Area. For every area created, you can define an action that will be triggered once a user click on the area. Please refer to Button & Action for full detail of action.

  6. Completion: After setting up the Rich Menu, click Create. It's now ready to be linked with a channel.

Editing an Existing Rich Menu

  1. Selection: Pick the Rich Menu you wish to modify.

  2. Access: Click the three dots associated with your chosen menu and select 'Edit & Preview'.

  3. Modification: Make your changes, following the steps outlined in the creation process.

  4. Finalization: Click Update to save edits. Changing the size or pattern will overwrite previous designs.

  5. Lock Indicator: If a lock icon appears on a Rich Menu, it means the menu is actively linked to a channel and cannot be edited or deleted.

Deleting a Rich Menu

  1. Standard Deletion: Navigate to the desired Rich Menu, click on the associated three dots, select 'Delete', and confirm.

  2. Deletion During Editing: While in the editing view, use the 'Delete' button on the top-right corner and confirm.

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