26 June 2024 Release Notes

What's New

  • Custom user profile on Live chat (Audience's nickname)

  • Support the admin to monitoring ticket user chatting with chatbot in the unassigned tab


  • Webchat SDK

    • Supporting real-time update on user rich menu

    • Enhance the stability of connection when user stay on the chat for long time

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of auto assign ticket when disable the feature

  • Fixed the issue of user display name is not update on Live chat platform

11 June 2024 Release Notes

What's New

  • Live chat operational dashboard illustrated Agent and supervisor performances

  • Live chat list filter

    • Filter by team name

    • Filter by not replied message

  • Agent and Supervisor can assigned to multiple teams


  • Improve UX/UI for selection assignee process in live chat and ticket management page

  • Aligned chatbot and live chat setting into same location

  • increase max character length of sample in intents to 500 characters

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved the issue that badge Not replied was not disappear when assignee replied to the chat on mobile

  • Resolved the issue that user rich menu was not update correctly when user is in multiple segments

27 May 2024 Release Notes

What's New

  • Notification sound alert when new ticket assigned to agent

  • Password policy

    • Add resend code to email button when reset password


  • Showing role and team (If have) when click on profile picture in Live chat

  • Live chat settings

    • Change maximum ticket to 500 tickets

  • Live chat team management

    • Add color dot to show agent status in Live chat

Bug Fixes

  • Resolve the issue that Image sent from Live chat not display on Facebook platform

9 May 2024 Release Notes

What's new

  • Ticket Wrap up

    • add path link to module create Category, Reason, and Outcome for Super Admin

    • add path link to module create new reason at module create category if they are no reason have created

  • API add info metadata


  • Live chat workflow tab support opened status ticket in tab My favorite and Team follow up

  • Support filter channel in mobile

24 April 2024 Release Notes

What's New

  • Ticket Wrap up

    • Admin set up Category, Reason, and Outcome in the Live Chat Setting, for Agents to conclude resolved ticket details and comprehensive tracking

  • Password Policy

    • Account Lock user

    • Force Change Password


  • Add Column in the Ticket Summary Report as follows: User message count, Agent message count, Bot message count, total message count, Ticket Assign Timestamp, Ticket Duration, Handling Time, First response time, First response duration, SLA status, and Service flag

Bug Fixes

  • Close the resolved ticket that has reappeared on the live chat page

  • The image map can cover buttons according to the specified size

28 March 2024 Release Notes

What's New

  • Template Collection

    • The ability to set a collection of quick reply templates for agents to swiftly send template messages to users.


  • Display the channel name on the Livechat platform

Bug Fixes

  • Ensuring the rich menu segments now display accurately in accordance with their priority settings.

  • Fixed the conflict with jquery $ selector in webchat sdk

27 February 2024 Release Notes

What's New

  • Collaboration Mode

    • Enabled the configuration mode will allow agent to collaborate with their teammate by reply teammate's ticket and manage assignee on others ticket

  • Ticket Team Follow Up

    • Allow livechat agents to escalate the high priority ticket within their team

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bot does not reply when the intent name is more than 20 characters

15 February 2024 Release Notes

What's New

  • Real time events (RTE) on livechat

    • Support the agent message realtime event, so when agent observed others ticket will now be able to see another agent message when chat with the user

    • Support the real time sorting ticket by latest message, so the ticket that has message sent will display at the top of the recent page


  • Increase the maximum of buttons in carousel and option template to 10 buttons when usign the template on webchat sdk

  • Allow the developer to using last 20 user entities in the chatbot flow

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the ticket behavior when admin disable auto-assign feature on livechat

    • Ticket will not be removed from the assigned agent when he/she logout

15 January 2024 Release Notes

What's New

  • Location message type

    • Support share location action from LINE and Webchat SDK user

  • The UI for manage ticket tag on livechat platform


  • Support square carousel image when the aspect ration of uploading image is 1:1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the improper contextualize value when the user, bot and metadata variables contains specail characters such as "/"

20 December 2023 Release Notes


  • User Journey

    • Support filter by segment

    • Support tracking user journey from broadcast message

  • Broadcast campaign

    • Allow agent to cancel the a schedule campaign

    • Allow agent to update a draft campaign

    • Allow agent to duplicate a campaign

  • Amity Bots Livechat

    • Increase the supported image size up to 10 MB

    • Increase the supported attachment file size up to 100 MB

    • Support file .ai and .psd

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some messages is not displayed on livechat when the message template contains empty text message


  • Remove text classifier from the network setting

1 December 2023 Release Notes

What's New

  • Broadcast campaign

    • Introduce the feature broadcast campaign to LINE platform by 3 different target groups

      • Everyone in the channel

      • User in segment

      • Manual selected users


  • Improve the UI/UX of user journey

    • Display the selected template/rich menu in a current state

    • Display Pie chart to display percentage of end user's action with selected stage

    • Allow user to select whether to display button's title in the dashboard or not

    • Display only top 5 in Next/Previous action, then group other actions as others

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue that cannot enrich user when the user profile contains "$"

  • Fixed the display template in setting is not updated when user edit the template

15 November 2023 Release Notes

What's New

  • User Journey

    • Support end-user activity when click on rich menu from LINE and Webchat SDK platform


  • Allow client to set the network without any custom webhook configuration

  • Support user variable by using {{user.XXX}}

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the duplicate data in user journey when the button name and title is exactly the same with different template

  • Fixed the user journey issue when filter date range that including the date from different month

  • Fixed the issue when cannot load more on intent and template selection in Mapper menu

1 November 2023 Release Notes

What's New

  • User Journey

    • Provide the analytics data for client to see the end-user journey based on the selected template

    • Provide the ability to see the data by filter on specific channel and period of time

  • Vector Classifier

    • Introduce the new option of classifier in the AmityBots Platform


  • Introduce the real-time network update when user has done the following activity

    • Train intent model

    • Edit network setting

Bug Fixes

  • Allow the user to set bot variable value with special characters

  • Fixed the issue bot always answer fallback when the intent score is less than the setup confidence threshold

19 October 2023 Release Notes

What's New

  • Add an ability to create and manage bot variables. Then using it in the message template.

  • Add the go to flow action on message template and rich menu action.


  • Chatbot is now working by without requiring the template hook.

  • Allow developer to link personal user rich menu by using public userId from LINE OA

  • Enhance the UI/UX of intent, entity and mapper menu to jump among the different menu by 1 click

Bug Fixes

  • Segment selector in rich menu channel is filter by the linked channel segment

  • UI to support rich menu channel more than 30 channels

4 October 2023 Release Notes

What's New

  • Bot able to sent image carousel without the button on the image carousel

  • Provide the GET API to get the audience thread mode

  • Add more variable type

    • bot.XXX

    • metadata.XXX (action metadata)


  • New UI for rich menu and template feature

    • rich menu

      • allow agent to see detail action inside the active rich menu

      • allow agent to duplicate the existing rich menu

    • template

      • Added the logic to check supported platform for message template

  • Enhance the stability of livechat ticket management

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the search flow action issue on network setting page

  • Fixed cannot search agent in team management page

  • Resolved the issue that bot reply on attachment message in Messenger platform

19 September 2023 Release Notes

What's New

  • Add network setup feature for the network admin to setup following details

    • Confidence Threshold

    • Fail action

    • Webhook

  • Introduce the delay feature in chatlogic. The user can set delay from 15 to 900 seconds

  • Introduce the ability to set time-out on entity node. The delay can be set from 15 to 900 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolve the issue that bot is not reply when end-user send message with special characters

  • Resolve the issue that bot is not reply when end-user send long text message

  • Resolve the issue that bot cannot classify intent when end-user send message with special characters

  • Resolve wrong data on ticket summary report

    • Ticket Assign Timestamp display incorrect data when ticket is auto assign to agent

15 September 2023 Release Notes


  • Update infrastructure to handle the scalability and enhance the stability of system

Bug Fixes

  • Resolve the issue that channel is not removed from the campaign module after remove the channel from the network.

  • Resolve the audience data is not sync in real-time.

  • Resolve the issue that rich menu user in LINE platform is not back to default rich menu when the user is removed from the segment.

1 September 2023 Release Notes

What's New

  • Dashboard

    • The data for active user and new acquired user are available in Dashboard

  • Revamp navigation bar

    • New design for the navigation bar for AmityBots Platform

Bug Fixes

  • Resolve the issue that bot is not reply user without image profile

  • Resolve download message report issue when select date range

  • Fixed big data query logic for dashboard feature

30 August 2023 Release Notes


  • Gateway Inbox enhancement for multiple communication platforms

    • Line:

    • Facebook:

    • Custom channel:

    • Webchat SDK:

18 August 2023 Release Notes

What's New

  • Dashboard (Beta)

    • Now user can see the total number of all messages (bots, agent, user) send in Amity Bots Platform and Amity Bots Livechat during the period of time. The data is displayed in form of chart and number.

    • User is able to select and custom the date time period. And also the default custom from the system (24 hrs, 7D, 30D, 3M, 6M, 12M)

    • User is able to group the chart data and displayed by daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved the page crash issue when agent search for reopened ticket in ticket management

7 August 2023 Release Notes

What's New

  • Ticket Tag - Filter:

    • Users now have the ability to filter multiple ticket tags on the Ticket Management page.

    • A search functionality has been introduced to look for specific ticket tags within the filter.

  • First Responder Feature:

    • The status of a ticket can be viewed when it has been addressed by a first responder. This is indicated with a green/grey checkmark.

    • Details of the first responder, including their name and the timestamp of their initial response, are now available.

    • Locations where first response data will be displayed:

      • Ticket details at the top of the screen when accessed from the Ticket Management page.

      • The Livechat page.

      • Within the Ticket History section on the right side of the interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where tickets wouldn't open when creating a new line channel.

  • Resolved a classification error where intents with a confidence score below 0.6 were still being utilized.

  • Addressed a problem where agents could receive more ticket assignments than the maximum limit.

  • Corrected an issue with the Livechat feature that affected ticket limitations.

  • Resolved an error preventing the opening of new tickets from the Ticket Management interface.

26 July 2023 Release Notes

What’s New:

  • Ticket Tag:

    • Livechat users can now add existing ticket tags to tickets independently by searching for the tag.

    • Duplicated tags are prevented. If a tag is already added, it won't appear in the search results.

    • A maximum of 20 tags can be added to a ticket. Users will be unable to add further tags once this limit is reached.

  • Webchat SDK:

    • Now supports Rich menu.


  • UI Update: Wording for the Livechat filter in the Ticket Management page has been revised. 'Unassigned' has been changed to 'Opened'.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where the quick reply function was not working properly for text on Facebook.

  • Addressed a bug related to a continuous event trigger.

  • Fixed a problem where images/videos/files from Line messages weren't displaying in the Livechat.

17 July 2023 Release Notes

What’s New:

  • Ticket Tags:

    • Livechat users can now view ticket tags from both the Livechat and Ticket Management pages.

    • Note: The option to filter by ticket tags is currently not available.

  • Livechat:

    • User information within Livechat has been made available.

    • Display and edit capabilities for Livechat roles have been added to the user profile page.


  • New event messages have been integrated into tickets to indicate when a ticket is opened or closed.

  • The 'Add new member' option has been removed from the 'edit team member' page in Livechat.

  • Livechat now supports displaying various message types sent from the bot, including:

    • Image

    • Video

    • Text

    • Carousel

    • Image Carousel

    • Option

    • Imagemap

    • Flex

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where new users in Amity Bots couldn't be enriched after certain operations.

  • Fixed a bug where agent status was not updated upon re-login from Livechat directly.

  • Addressed a frontend issue that prevented editing of user profiles.

  • Solved issues related to Facebook bot message displays, including message disappearance after re-assignment and duplication of agent's messages.

  • Rectified a problem where the Facebook bot video message did not preview in Livechat.

  • Fixed issues with Livechat message bubbles disappearing across platforms.

  • Addressed inconsistencies in admin status badge color in Unify Livechat.

  • Resolved issues with video links not displaying correctly in Livechat.

Thank you for using Amity Bots. We're constantly working to improve our platform and your feedback is invaluable.

5 July 2023 Release Notes

What’s New:

  • Users can now sync from AmityBots to Livechat.

  • User management for Livechat has transitioned to CIM on the AmityBots side.

  • A new Livechat portal has been added, allowing Livechat users easier access.

  • Clicking on Livechat in the portal now redirects users directly to Livechat, eliminating the need for an additional login.

  • Livechat roles are now displayed in CIM. However, they are currently view-only and cannot be edited.

  • Note: Agents' statuses in Livechat will remain consistent between logins. For instance, if an agent logs out with a 'busy' status, their status will remain 'busy' upon logging back in.

  • Enhancements in the Mapper allow users to select actions using the Conversation Flow.

  • The Webchat SDK now supports quick replies and various message types such as image, text, carousel, video, imagemap, flex (HTML), and option. However, postback action support is still in development.


  • Ongoing internal improvements to optimize performance.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues related to ticket generation from webchat channels.

  • Resolved problems with report exporting.

  • Addressed issues with agent assignment and team management.

  • Fixed an issue where agents couldn't send messages to end-users.

  • Corrected UI position for the Conversation Flow page.

  • Multiple other bugs related to Livechat functionalities have been resolved.

Thank you for using Amity Bots! We're continually working to improve your experience. Please keep your feedback coming, and we'll strive to serve you better with each release.

27 July 2023

Important Notice: Discontinuation of ConvoLab platform version 8.5, 9 and 10 - Upgrade to Amity Bots Platform for Enhanced Experience

Dear Valued Customers,

We hope this message finds you in good spirits. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering trust and loyalty to Amity Solutions. We are committed to providing you with the best products and services.

We are writing to inform you that, as of October 31, 2023, ConvoLab platform version 8.5, 9 and 10 of our esteemed product will be officially discontinued from the market. Throughout its lifespan, the versions have been an integral part of our journey, and your support has been invaluable in making it a success.

ProductExpired dateImpactsRecommendations

Convolab platform 8.5.xx

31 October 2023

Cannot request to change product design and features

There will be no non-security updates

Upgrade ConvoLab platform to be AmityBot platform

Convolab platform 9.2.xx

31 October 2023

Cannot request to change product design and features

There will be no non-security updates

Upgrade ConvoLab platform to be AmityBot platform

Convolab platform 10.xx

31 December 2023

Cannot request to change product design and features

There will be no non-security updates

Upgrade ConvoLab platform to be AmityBot platform

As we move forward, we wish to provide you with essential information to help you plan for the future. Effective October 31, 2024, we will no longer be able to offer support or maintenance services for the versions. In light of this, we kindly request all our valued users to consider upgrading to our latest and most advanced product, "Amity Bots Platform."

Amity Bots Platform represents the culmination of our continuous efforts to bring you cutting-edge technology and enhanced features. By transitioning to Amity Bots Platform, you will not only ensure seamless and uninterrupted service but also gain access to a host of exciting new functionalities that will elevate your experience.

We understand that change can be both exciting and challenging, but we are here to support you every step of the way. For more details about our End of Support policy, please visit end of support policy.

At Amity Solutions, customer satisfaction is at the core of our values. We are dedicated to making this transition as smooth as possible for you. Our customer support team is available to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have about the upgrade process.

Once again, we extend our deepest gratitude for your continued partnership with us. It is your support that inspires us to innovate and strive for excellence. Together, let's embrace the future of technology with Amity Bots Platform.

Thank you for being an essential part of our journey.

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