Connet to Custom Channel

Custom Channel can be used when you want to integrate Amity Bots to any API-based external. This allows Amity Bots to be connected to virtually any chat platform in the world, including Microsoft Team, Slack, WeChat, etc.

To integrate a new Custom Channel, follow the following steps:

1. Prepare the Custom Endpoint for Challenge Responses

Before you begin, it's essential to set up a custom endpoint on your side that can respond to challenges initiated by the Amity Bots. For a comprehensive understanding and details about this step, please refer to our Challenge Webhook URL documentation.

2. Create a Custom Channel in Amity Bots

  • Navigate to the Channels on the Amity Bots Platform.

  • Choose the option to create a Custom Channel.

  • You'll be prompted to input the following parameters:

    • Channel Name: A unique identifier for your custom channel.

    • Webhook URL: The URL where Amity Bots will send requests and receive responses.

    • Channel ID: A unique ID associated with your custom channel.

  • Click Create, Amity Bots will send challenge request to your Webhook URL and verify whether a correct response is received. The channel is then created and added to your Channel page.

3. Establish Connection for Incoming Messages

To ensure messages from your external channel are accurately directed into Amity Bots, you need to connect them. Detailed information about this procedure, including required parameters and request/response formats, can be found in our Custom Inbox API documentation.

4. Set up the Enrich Message Webhook

The enrich message webhook allows Amity Bots to gather specific user details, enhancing the bot's understanding and personalization capabilities. Here's what you need to know:

  • The Enrich Webhook is designed for your backend system to attach additional user information for the bots to utilize.

  • This webhook gets triggered whenever Amity Bots receives a message from a new user. However, it won't be triggered again for the same user within a 10-minute interval.

  • If the same user interacts with the bot after 10 minutes, the webhook activates again, ensuring the bot has the most up-to-date user information.

  • For in-depth details, please consult the Enrich Webhook URL documentation.

5. Configure the Outgoing Message Webhook

Lastly, to ensure messages from Amity Bots are correctly relayed to your custom channel:

  • Establish a connection between the Outgoing Message Webhook from Amity Bots and your custom endpoint.

  • For a thorough understanding of this webhook, its functionalities, and how to integrate it, please refer to the Send Webhook URL documentation.

By carefully following the above steps, you'll seamlessly integrate Amity Bots with your custom channels, ensuring an enhanced and personalized user experience.

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