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Team Ticket Workflow

  • Assign to Me : Display the count of tickets currently allocated to an online agent individually, showcased on-screen for easy tracking

  • My Favorite : Numbers of ticket that agent flag My favorite regardless assignee. This will show up only ticket from the same team. Agent and Supervisor cannot view ticket from other teams but Admin. My favorite ticket will be removed with 2 conditions agent remove the flag or the ticket is closed. This my favorite will be personalized to each agent. 2 Agents could flag my favorite on the same ticket or different one. Other agents cannot see another agent favorite list from their screen

  • Team Follow Up : Display the count of escalated tickets within the team, which are tickets that agents have flagged for Team Follow Up regardless of the assignee. Agents within the same team will see the same total number of tickets. However, they will not be able to view Team Follow-Up tickets from other teams.

  • Assigned to team : Display the count of tickets currently allocated to a team that an online agent is a member of

  • Unassigned Tickets : Monitor the quantity of pending tickets at the team level that lack an assigned agent or case handler, requiring attention and allocation.

TabStatus DisplayCause Action

Assigned to me


Assigned to the login agent

My favorite

Opened, Assigned

favorite by the login agent

Team Followup

Opened, Assigned

followup by team

Assigne to team


Assigned to teammate

Unassigned ticket


Assigned to team but agent unavailable


Imagine there are a total of 30 tickets in the queue, and a team comprising three agents: Agent A, Agent B, and Agent C. The system is configured so that each agent can handle a maximum of 5 tickets simultaneously.

When Agent A accesses the designated screen:

  • "Assign to Me" Tickets: Agent A will observe that there are 5 tickets available for assignment.

  • Tickets Assigned to the Team: There are 10 tickets already allocated to the team.

  • Unassigned Tickets: Additionally, there are 15 tickets that remain unassigned and are awaiting distribution.

Agents can perform intelligent searches using customer names and specific conversation keywords. Search results will be categorized into two groups: one for usernames and another for messages exchanged.

When searching for conversation keywords, the system will efficiently locate the relevant snippet within the conversation, directing users precisely to that section. Additionally, when searching by customer name, the system will prioritize results that commence with the entered text, ensuring accurate and tailored outcomes.

Filtering Channel

Agents now have the capability to apply filters to incoming channels, allowing them to view tickets categorized according to each specific channel.

Ticket History

A compiled list of tickets initiated by a user will be available, facilitating agents in gaining a deeper understanding of the customer's history and background.

Each ticket history entry will encompass crucial details, such as the handling agent's name, date and time of ticket opening and closure. Additionally, if agents have provided input, it will also outline the past actions and resolutions taken for the ticket. This comprehensive information equips agents with a holistic view of the customer's interaction history.

Pre-Ticket Chatbot Conversations

Helping Agents Provide Better Support, before opening a ticket, agents can now see the conversations between customers and chatbots. This ensures agents understand the situation and can provide better assistance, preventing repeated questions and improving the overall support experience.

Email Notification

Our system ensures timely resolution by notifying the assigned agent through email if a ticket exceeds its SLA (Service Level Agreement) timeframe. This proactive approach guarantees that agents stay informed and can take swift action to address tickets that require immediate attention, maintaining high-quality customer support

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