Ticket Management

Effective ticket management offers comprehensive insights into various aspects of customer support:

  • Incoming Tickets: Gain visibility into incoming tickets, enabling swift acknowledgment and response

  • Ticket Status: Monitor the real-time status of tickets, from opening to resolution, ensuring seamless tracking

  • Ticket SLA: Easily access and adhere to Service Level Agreements (SLAs), guaranteeing timely ticket resolution

  • Assigning System: Efficiently allocate tickets to agents, promoting effective distribution and balanced workloads

Ticket Filtering

Agents now have the ability to apply filters to tickets based on various criteria:

  • User: Filter tickets by specific users, allowing agents to focus on individual cases.

  • Channels: Refine ticket views by channel, providing insight into how customers are reaching out.

  • Assignee: Sort tickets by assigned agents, aiding in workload management and collaboration.

  • Status: Filter tickets by their current status (e.g., opened, assigned, resolved), streamlining tracking.

  • Opened DateTime: Agents can narrow down tickets based on their opening date and time, enabling efficient time-sensitive handling.

This advanced filtering capability empowers agents to navigate through their workload with precision and ease.

Ticket Report

Effortless Report Generation with CSV Export

Users can easily create a CSV file by clicking the export button. The generated report reflects the current table filters. For instance, if the channel filter is set to "Channel X," the CSV file will exclusively feature tickets originating from that channel.

2 Reports:

  1. Ticket Summary Report: This report provides a concise overview of all tickets based on applied filters. It encompasses vital data including ticket numbers, opening and resolution dates, SLA adherence, etc. The report is tailored according to the chosen filters.

    Ticket Summary Report field data:


    Ticket ID

    ID number of ticket

    Ticket Status

    Status of ticket as an Opened, Assigned, and Resolved

    User ID

    ID number of user


    Default username from original chat platform

    Agent ID

    ID number of Agent

    Agent Name

    Name of Agent

    Channel ID

    ID number of chat platform channel

    Channel Type

    Type of chat platform channel as a LINE, Facebook, Web chat, and custom

    Channel Name

    Name of chat platform channel

    Ticket Tags

    Tags which attached with the ticket


    Category of a reason for ticket summary


    Reason for ticket summary


    Outcome for ticket summary


    Additional notes message

    Ticket Open Timestamp

    Date and time the ticket first entered opened status

    First Assign Timestamp

    Date and time the ticket first assigned to assignee

    Ticket Close Timestamp

    Date and time the ticket have been resolved

    Ticket Latest Message Timestamp

    Date and time the latest message before resolved ticket

    Ticket Duration

    Time duration between ticket open and resolved

    User message count

    Total number of messages sent by End-user

    Agent message count

    Total number of messages sent by Agent

    Bot message count

    Total number of messages sent by Bot

    total message count

    Total number of messages sent in conversation

    Handling Time

    Time duration between assignee first response and resolved

    First response time

    Date and time the assignee sent first message to End-user

    First response duration

    Time duration between ticket first assigned and assignee first time response

    SLA status

    The time using compared with SLA is pass or failed

    Service flag

    Assignee response status as a chat served or null

    Close By

    Name of assignee who resolved the ticket

  2. Message Reports: This report compiles conversations or messages exchanged between end-users and agents, excluding chatbot messages. The report showcases interactions like user-agent dialogues.

    Message Report field data:


    Ticket ID

    ID number of ticket

    User ID

    ID number of user


    Customer's username

    Channel ID

    ID number of channel

    Channel Type

    Type of channel platform

    Channel Name

    Name of channel

    Message ID

    ID number of each message

    Message Event

    Type of message's event


    Context or action in message


    Date and time of message

Both reports enhance transparency and analysis by catering to specific data needs, ensuring effective communication analysis and ticket overview.

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