LINE is one of the popular chat applications in Thailand. It has more than 500+ millions downloads in google store. The popularity of LINE application is due to their features are mainly about people’s daily basis, such as, daily communications, work and group chats, pictures sharing, social posts, etc. LINE also has an integration with “Rabbit LINE Pay” which is a payment channel. Rabbit LINE Pay can be used to pay for daily expenses in shops that have the Rabbit LINE Pay POS. It was reported in 2014 that LINE has 400 millions registered users. There is no doubt on the popularity of the application in Thailand.

LINE starts to introduce Ads in the application due to tremendous daily active users. LINE claims that there are 50 millions active users on “Recent Chat” screen. To clarify, Ads on the Recent Chat screen will be seen by 50 millions users a day.

Amity’s ChatAds is a platform that marketers can simply create auto-response messages. These auto-response messages will be used in a chat room. The chat room will be connected to a LINE Ad. The Ads will be more interactive than it has ever been. This will give benefits to brands that would like to expands their markets or re-acquire end users who have blocked the LINE OA.


ChatAds templates

ChatAds templates help you to create ChatAds simply. There are 3 available templates,

  1. E-commerce

  2. FAQ

  3. Promotion template.

Each of them will have different default message types in side. E-commerce template is a conversation that encourages your customers to make a purchase on your products. FAQ template provides information to your customers instantly. Promotion template has interactive message that will boost your promotion to your customers seamlessly.

ChatAds can be searched by either ChatAds name or Scenario ID. It is a smart search where you can type partial of the words that you are looking for. For example, a ChatAds full name is “Merry Christmas 2022”. It can be searched by “chri”, the results will show all the ChatAds name and Scenario which contain “Chri”. The search is non-case sensitive.

ChatAds lists

You can find all ChatAds that you have created in a system through the list

ChatAds auto-response messages

Auto-response messages or Topics is a set of messages that will be sent to customers. You can create 5 auto-response messages or Topics per 1 ChatAds. A topic can contain up to 3 message bubbles. You can also choose which Topic will be ‘Greeting message’ by checking the greeting message box. Customers will be receiving the Topic when they firstly joined ChatAds room.

Triggered keywords

Triggered keywords are used to detect words that your customers send in ChatAds room. If what customers send matches exactly with Triggered keywords, our chatbot will send the respond message to the customers.

Message types

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