Audience's Profile

Audience Standard Profile

The Audience Standard Profile provides essential user information such as the user's display name, profile image, the source platform the user accessed, the specific chat channel, join date, and the user segment categorization. This enriches the user data and helps in understanding user history and behavior within the platform.

Audience Custom Information

The Audience Custom Information section enables the synchronization of data from audience campaign fields. This feature allows for the customization of user data based on specific campaign requirements. For more information on customizing audience data, please refer to the Audience Custom Profile page

Audience Custom Display Name

The Audience Custom Display Name feature empowers agents to personalize user profiles by assigning unique display names. Agents can choose to use identifiers such as user membership IDs for easier user management and identification. This customization not only enhances user recognition but also facilitates quicker access to relevant user data. Additionally, agents can conveniently search for users using their custom display names.

Custom profile name specification


Character length

50 characters

Character supported

THA, ENG, number

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