Message Template

Message Template is crucial for crafting and defining responses that the chatbot sends to incoming messages. Each chat platform has its own set of specifications, and as a result, not all message types can be supported across every platform. This manual aims to provide a clear overview of those specifications and guide you in creating effective message templates for each platform.

Message templates act as predefined responses by the chatbot or as outbound broadcast messages to users. When activated, a template can deliver one or multiple messages to the user simultaneously. Think of them as scripted dialogues, primed for specific user interactions or broadcasts.

Message Template Page

Message Template Page contians the following components:

All Templates

This section provides an overview of all the templates created within the Amity Bots platform.

  • Table View: Get a comprehensive look at the templates with columns for Template Name, Supported Platforms, Last Modify Name, and Last Modify Date.

  • Search Function: Use the search box to quickly find a specific template.

  • Creation: Want a new template? Simply click the "Create Template" button to start crafting one.

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